Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wow. I Suck.

Yup. It's true. I suck, and I'm sorry. I've neglected you fine readers for far too long. All I can do is hang my head in shame, cry, and beg forgiveness.

Now comes my pathetic list of reasons I've been such a neglectful blogger: 

1) I have a job.

2) I was on vacation.

3) My laptop is being a piece of junk and randomly shutting down on me every so often.

4) I'm trying to CLEAN my ROOM! (A much harder task than it sounds, I assure you.) Actually, let me elaborate on this further.

My room looks like it could be featured on an episode of Hoarders.

Image Here!
Ok...So maybe it's not THAT bad, but still...It's bad. It's a culmination of 22 years of life, laziness, and lack of motivation to get the freaking job done. I I found a box of rocks. Yup. Rocks. When I was about 7, I collected rocks. (I was super cool.) And for some reason, I've hung onto them for all these years. Why? Who knows? Why didn't my mother make me get rid of them at some point? Again, who knows?

Maybe I'll make a whole post out of this room-cleaning saga at some point. I can include images of some of my favorite weird things I've found. One of which is--get ready for this--a FURBY! Please, someone tell me they also owned a Furby so that I feel better about myself. I mean, I pulled that sucker out of my closet, and I thought to myself "Why the HECK did I want this thing?!" Furbies are creepy as heck. Really. It looks like it will devour my soul.

This actually looks just like my Furby.
Image Here.
I'm getting excited about this "What Weird Crap Did I Find In My Room?" post, so here's the deal...You all stick around just like you have been, and I'll make it worthwhile. I know without a shadow of a doubt I'll find at least 10 super weird things I can blog about, and we can all laugh at how ridiculous I am. It'll be great.

And seriously, thanks for sticking around even though I've been super neglectful. I appreciate it. 


  1. Hell to the yeah Furbies. Otherwise known as the Grim Reaper's furry little hoardees that wriggle themselves inside your room due to unbeknownst reasons other than they want to devour your soul. It is not a case of buy or sell.
    Beware the furbies.
    But - heh: rocks. Totes cool.

  2. Hey! I still have my furby too.
    I swear he was possessed, needless to say my mom hid it from me, and I found it yesterday!(:

  3. Just clean one conner a week :] you'll get there.

  4. Love your blog :) it's different..

    Take a look at mine:

    What do you think?

  5. Lmao! Your room sounds like mine! I don't still have my furby but I did have a grey one and I do find them creepy now! The worst creepy items I ever had were porcelain dolls, I always had a fear they would kill me in my sleep lol

  6. HEY. I use to collect rocks when i was little too. Something about small soft shiny things always grab at my attention... could be the A.D.D. /:

  7. Love the furby :)