Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Hey, Blog. I've Missed You!

Wow. So it's only been THREE MONTHS since my last post. I should be kicked out of blog world.

Ironically enough, my blogging skills were much better when was in school and had far LESS time on my hands. Although, I guess it's not too ironic, considering my blog is called "Dehydration and Procrastination." Heavy emphasis on the procrastination part I guess.

Sure, I have a job now, but I actually still have plenty of free time. I work mostly mornings, so the rest of my day is pretty much mine to do with whatever I want. *cue maniacal laughter*

One would think that I would say to myself, "Hey! I can work on my blog! Score!" But apparently, no, that is not the conversation I have with myself. Apparently I just say "Hey! I can find a bazillion other things to do with myself! Score!" So I do things like: have things-I-recorded-on-DVR marathons, take naps, eat snacks, waste time on StumbleUpon, reread the Harry Potter series, and--most recently--try to be a chef. 

Yeah...I've been watching way too much Food Network, and now I think I'm fit to be the next Iron Chef or something. Okay, maybe not really, but I'm fascinated enough by the idea of being a great cook that I--wait for it--suggested to my parents that cooking classes would be a good Christmas gift for me.

Maybe I'll never be an awesome chef, but I do like messing around in the kitchen. Last week I used my aunt's recipe to make the butter cookies she always makes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are SO delicious, I wanted to give them a shot. And they turned out pretty good! My second batch was even better, because I figured out little things I needed to tweak to make them taste exactly how I wanted. Plus they're cute. They're little flowers and Christmas trees!

The next few weeks I'm working far less, so my Christmas gift to myself (early) is going to be working on my blog more. And then my New Year's resolution will be to be a better blogger. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Important! Someone please tell me their thoughts on my--admittedly cheesy--snowman/holiday background. Please and thank you.


  1. Nice to see you come back to the blogging world! Being a better blogger is always a good resolution to work on. ;)

  2. Hey thanks! It's nice to be back! I need lots of work on the better blogger thing. Haha.


  4. Hi Joanna!! my name is Sofia and I really like your blog!! I recently created one, well, not that recently, in October, and I was wondering if you could tell me how you got your blog to be famous! I mean, how did you get people commenting and stuff xD hahaha

    I don’t know, I think I’m losing hopes about having a good blog as a fun hobby. Sometimes I see that I have 25 views or something like that, but I guess those are mine for when I check the spelling of the posts xD so it’s kinda sad :(

    Anyway, it’s nice to have you back on blogging! I’ll check your blog more often now :)

    And if for some reason you want to visit my blog, here’s the link:


  5. I am a terrible blogger too! I keep taking long, mysterious breaks. Bad Anna!

  6. I like the snowman background!