Friday, December 14, 2012

A Serious Post

I know in general my blog is very lighthearted and silly, but this is the post I need to write today, and I'm sorry it has to be a somber one after being an absentee blogger for so long.

Today, a terrible, senseless tragedy occurred in Connecticut. For anyone reading who doesn't know what I'm referring to, a 24-year-old man entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and opened fire, killing 26 people. Innocent people. 20 of those 26 were children. Innocent children.

I'm not writing this post to pass judgements or make any sort of speculation as to why this tragedy occurred. I don't think that's what's needed tonight. I think tonight there are more important things to acknowledge. I was saddened by the news, and of course I was also shocked and confused. All I know is that right now, my heart is heavy.

I've never been to Newtown. I've never been to Connecticut at all, but that doesn't matter. My heart is there. My prayers are focused on that community today, and I am crying out to God to bring peace to the friends and families affected by this tragedy.

I'm not a parent. I have absolutely no idea how it would feel to lose a child, especially in such a terrible, violent way. All I can do tonight is pray for the families of the 20 children whose lives ended much too soon. Tonight, 20 little beds will be empty, and the parents and siblings of 20 children are facing the prospect of waking up tomorrow without a precious member of their family. My heart is with them.

Tonight, I am saddened. But I am also touched by the stories I heard through the day of teachers bravely and fiercely protecting the children in their care. Stories of teachers huddling children into a corner and shielding them in case the gunman entered their room.

As I said earlier, this was a senseless tragedy. No matter what motive is eventually presented by the police, it will never make sense. No one will ever truly understand why any of the lives taken today had to end. Rather than understanding, I pray for peace and comfort. I believe it will come in time.

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