Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So...I'm A Blogger Now

It's almost 2am, and here I am. Not doing what I should be doing. Though this will probably end up being much more fun than what I should be doing. As for what that is, there are two very good choices: 1) Studying and 2) Sleeping. I chose option #3, which shouldn't even exist: write a blog. So here I am.

The name of my blog comes half from the fact that I have been abnormally thirsty today. Seriously, I think I'm on glass of water #5 of the day, probably three of which were in the last hour. I realize a normal, healthy human is supposed to drink eight glasses a day or whatever. I don't usually do that. So this much water consumption in one day is strange for me. I figure I'm dehydrated. Hence, the first half of the name. The second half comes from the obvious fact that I'm procrastinating. Hard core. It's finals week. So naturally, it's the week I decide "Hey, I think I'll start a blog."

In all honesty, I've been toying with this idea for a while. I've just never gotten up the nerve to do it. I think to myself "Wow, my life is funny. I should blog this crap," then almost immediately after that thought flits through my mind, I think "Who would read this crap?" I guess it doesn't really matter if anyone reads this or not. It'll probably just be therapeutic for me. Catharsis or whatever. I can be kind of neurotic sometimes. I've realized this over the past few years. I guess college can do that to people. Not that I haven't loved college. I have, but sometimes I look at myself and think "Whoah. Since when do I do that?" I blame dorm life.

One nice perk of being a Senior though (Heck yeah. Senior already. But for real...since when am I old enough for that?!) is that I get to live in the apartment-style dorm this year. I've got three pretty fantastic roommates who may or may not end up making up 95% of my blog posts. At least until I graduate and move on to "bigger and better" things. I think that "bigger and better" part is debatable. I'm convinced these past four years have been my biggest and best so far. Let's see you top undergrad, Life!

I guess since this is my first post, I'll keep it short. Testing the waters so-to-speak. I don't literally do that though. I have a thing about water. I'll blog about it sometime I guess. Neuroses might make for a good post. So anyway, if you are reading this, welcome! Thanks for dropping by! Come back sometime. Bring a friend. Leave a comment. Whatever you want to do. Or not do. You don't have to do anything I guess. But who knows, I might just become the next internet superstar thanks to you.

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  1. Joanna,
    Hurray for trying something new! Hope your exams are easier than you expect and you get enough sleep. Oh, don't forget the water. ;) Sherrie