Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not usually one for making a lot of New Year's Resolutions, because I can't normally stick with them past the end of January. Sad, I know. But this year, I'm going to try really hard to actually succeed.

My list of resolutions (yes, I actually wrote a list) has about 9 things on it. One of them is to blog more often, which I'm clearly not doing so well with yet, seeing as this is my first post for the month, and it's the last day of the month. I'm trying though. I really am. 

I don't really know what the problem is. I have plenty of free time. Maybe I'm trying too hard to be productive at other things? I don't know. I want my blog to be interesting, and it's obviously something I can use to express myself, so that should mean I want to write in it all the time, but clearly I don't. Maybe I'm overanalyzing it all. Which I tend to do. Then I get frustrated, then sad, then I just shut down, sit in my bed and ignore the world.

Yup. I'm over analyzing. I'm going to try to put less pressure on myself to be a "good" blogger. Maybe that should be another resolution. (Not that I need any more of those!) I think half the problem is that I really like putting my goofy little drawings in my blog, but I am not an artist by nature (if you couldn't tell) so they take SO much effort for me. Which seems silly, since they're so bad. So bad. But really...they're hard for me. So don't hate me, people, but there will probably be far fewer drawings from now on, unless I'm feeling especially artistic sometime. Which is entirely possible. The drawings will not be dead forever, just...rare. Like...seeing the Loch Ness Monster or the likelihood that I would ever sit down and watch a full episode of "Jersey Shore." (Ok, maybe they won't be that rare, but you get the idea.)

So...New Year's Resolutions. I made some. One of which I'm working on just by posting this. But another one I made was to drink more water. I figure it's fitting to mention this one since my first post way back a year ago talked about drinking a ton of water and my roommate telling me I might have diabetes. (I don't, by the way. Not that I'm aware of anyway.)

I really am not a very health-conscious person. I'm not overweight, but I don't exercise, and I really don't eat the greatest things for me. I don't overeat, or eat things that are terrible for me, but I just...could make healthier diet choices. And that's where the water comes in. I know generally "they" say you should drink eight glasses a day. I'm pretty sure that's still what "they" say. Anyway, I don't do that. But for the past few weeks, I have been lugging a water bottle around the house with me all day, making sure I drink the whole thing by the time I go to bed. I'm honestly not sure how many cups that water bottle equals, but I still feel good about drinking it all.

Also, I usually try to make myself drink a Grande sized water at work before I allow myself my free drink of the day, which as of late has been a Grande Tan Line latte. (Caramel and vanilla for those of you who don't frequent a Biggby Coffee.) Those suckers are super tasty, but also super unhealthy. One grande Tan Line is...*gulp* 482 calories. I know I should probably start making them with skim milk and sugar free syrups, but it just makes me so sad to think about. I want all my fattening, tasty, Tan Line calories dang it! All 482 of them!

As a side note, I don't drink one every day, since I don't work every day. And there have been a few work days when I didn't drink one. Those were good willpower days I guess.

Going along with the water, I'm also working out. My sister and I got this workout DVD called the Brazil Butt Lift. Yep. That's really what it's called. The instructor, Leandro, just makes me laugh. He's so high energy, and he calls your butt your "bum bum," but it's pronounced "boom boom." Ah, I'm giggling just thinking about how silly it is. "Squeeze your bum bum!" Not really a direction I ever thought I'd hear shouted at me, much less one I'd follow.

There he is. From here.
Silliness aside, it's a pretty hard core workout. Like I said, I'm not the most health-conscious person, and as such, I'm terribly out of shape. Throw a sometimes questionably cooperative heart into the mix, and working out and I aren't really friends. I really rather enjoy staying conscious. But it's been going alright. My "boom boom" and legs are really sore, so I can only hope that means it's working.

The resolution I'm really looking forward to working on...is reading. I have approximately 23,914,675,261 books to read, give or take 73. Plus I got eight more for Christmas. Six of those eight are in a really awesome box set from my parents. 

Which naturally I took an Instagram picture of because why not?
They're all classics, and I'm really excited to read them. Well, one I've read (Wuthering Heights) and two I started reading and never finished (Dracula and The Picture of Dorian Gray.) I really don't like not finishing books, but sometimes I just didn't have time to read, and then I'd forget what had happened, so I'd quit. And some books I started too young. Dracula was one of those. It's a weird book, for sure, but I started reading it when I was maybe a freshman or sophomore in high school. I didn't really get it. I think I would get it now. I also have all of the Lord of the Rings books to read. Definitely was too young to really appreciate those the first time I attempted them. Right now I'm reading The Help, which even though I haven't finished yet is great so far, so I would recommend it to anyone.

There are many other resolutions on my list, of course, but I kind of doubt you all want to hear about all of them. If I'm wrong and you're dying to know what the rest of my resolutions are, I really have no qualms with sharing them. Let me know. Comment or email or whatever you want to do. The point is, I'm doing pretty well on them so far, and I'm pleased with that. I really just want 2012 to be a great year. 

Oh...and it would be cool to make it to 2013. That way I didn't waste a year getting my bum bum into shape. Mostly I want to make it beyond December 21, 2012, so that one day my kids can ask me "Mom, why is there a movie about the world blowing up and flooding and stuff back in 2012?" and I can say "Well kids, because people like to sensationalize. And Hollywood people like to blow stuff up and put it on the big screen."

I'm sorry if this wordy post bored anyone, but hey, it's my blog. I'll do whatever I want. So there.


  1. they say 8 glasses per day or half your body weight in ounces. that's good news for some people. you might only have to drink six glasses per day using an 8 ounce glass. if I want to get by with only 6 glasses I'd have to use a big gulp. ;)

  2. Yes...I read your blog :)I love that bum bum is one of your labels. Dracula is one of my favorite books, and The Picture of Dorian Grey is my favorite. Stick with them . They are worth finishing.

  3. Hi Joanna!
    First of all, good luck with all of your new year's resolutions, and don't be sorry for writing a wordy post, as you said it's your blog :) but I think I'm going to miss the funny drawings haha, anyway good luck with everything!

  4. I agree about the drawings :)

  5. That fitness DVD looks amazing! Good luck with your resolutions!

  6. The abdominal exercise machines is designed to give you the same level of workout, if not better, but without the stress on your body.

  7. I envy the time you have for reading!

    But I don't really envy the time you have for working out.

    May your resolve be strong this year!