Monday, January 10, 2011

Grand Opening Of The Wright 102 Coffee Bar

No, we are not really operating a coffee bar out of our dorm room, but we can whip up some pretty tasty beverages. A wide variety of them. But you won't see any of us dressed as a Starbucks barista. (Or any other coffee house of your choice.)

No. Not happening.

However, we can make plain old coffee with our standard coffee maker. We can make just about any kind of frappe thing you'd like with our frappe...maker. (I guess that's what it's called?) And, we can make a variety of hot drinks like hot chocolate, lattes, chai lattes, and cappuccinos with drink maker. (I'm not quite sure of the technical name for it.) 

This came about because 1) we already had the plain old coffee maker in our room, 2) Katie got the frappe thing (for Christmas I assume, though I just now realized I never asked), and 3) I got the hot drink maker for Christmas. So, now we have a "coffee bar" just inside our front door. It's pretty nifty. I don't like coffee, but the variety of beverage options is quite impressive.

We can also add flavors to your beverages! Unfortunately there are only three options thus far, but hey, it's better than nothing. We have vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. Mmmm...I myself just enjoyed a chai latte with hazelnut, and boy was it tasty. Also, I enjoyed it in my Phantom of the Opera mug which made it approximately 89.124 times better. The mask changes from black to the iconic white when it's hot. Love it. Plus, Mal got it for me in London, which makes it even more legit and awesome.

Unrelated to coffee, but still an important part of my day, I made my schedule on Excel! Printed it out and slapped it on the wall by my door. It's so colorful and fantastic. I'm very proud of it. I got frustrated with Excel several times, but I kept going, and now I have something glorious to show for it.
Yes, my friends, this is it. The real thing.

Super impressive, isn't it? Ok, maybe not really. Not to anyone else, but I had way too much fun making it. Note the days of the week in rainbow colors please. Ironically enough, after making this, I noticed on Thursdays I have my human sexuality class, followed later in the evening by Naked Time. 

Naked Time is NOT anything provocative or indecent. I promise. I would know, I'm the leader. It's a women's Bible study. It's called Naked Time because it's all about being open with each other and with God. Also, it's a catchy name. Interesting phenomenon: I get a lot of guys asking me what it is. They usually seem a little disappointed by the answer. I wonder what they're hoping for...? Not really.

My schedule is pretty light, which I am totally stoked about. Last semester of undergrad, and I'm only carrying 13 credits. (Well, only 9 at the moment. But I'll be adding the other 4 soon.) The best part of my semester is my practicum, and I haven't even started it yet. So I'm going to be glad when I do.

Even though I have a light schedule, I'll be busy. Writing a thesis. Oh, and doing grad school applications. Though that will be over with by March 1st. After that, it's just marching onward to April 23rd and GRADUATION! Which will be weird. I really don't feel old enough to be graduating college. It feels surreal now, so I only imagine it will get worse. Or better. That will probably depend on the day. Which I can conveniently keep track of on my rainbow schedule while enjoying one of the many varieties of drinks available to me at WRIGHT 102'S COFFEE BAR! Come on by! Prices reasonable.

Just kidding. No charge for the drinks.

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  1. yummmmmm! yes please! i can't wait to have an amazing latte or something next time i'm "home!" ;)